Kickstarter Page



With Comps Slip


For the with comps slips i decided to create different ones depending on how much a person has donated to the kickstarter project, the message on the comps slip stays the same with only the names of the rewards that change however the design of the slip will be different depending on how much they donated

Normal Certificate – Sent with: Name on the wall, T-shirt, Custom casings rewards

Alpha Certificate – Sent with: Voice command and Early buddy bot rewards

Beta Certificate – Sent with: Beta buddybot and Book reward




Typography and Headings


The font i have decided to use throughout my project is called Iceland, it’s digital look works well with the theme of my project and also maintains legibility as different sizes.

The typography i have experimented with will use this font, the page above has examples of the titles i may use in the banner with my preferences leaning towards the first title.


On this page there are draft versions of the subheadings, with the third draft looking to be the favorite this time. I have digitally recreated these and worked into them further:



Example of A Sub-Heading


Buisness Card


Front of Card – On the front i have gone for a very clean design, not quite minimalist but the layout helps separate the information well, i have used the same colours as i have on my kickstarter page to maintain continuity.

I have included the most important parts, name, job title, logo, address and contact information.


Back of Card – On the back i have simply placed the logo in the center, there does not need to be information on the back and keeping the amount of images to a minimum will cut down costs of reproducing the business cards.


When planning the card i looked at other companies that deal with technology, apple and microsoft. In doing this i was able to see how a business card should look, information needed and how to achieve the overall feel of a technology based company through the card.


Reward And Stretch Ideas

To help me get an idea of how to space out rewards and what to give a rewards i have looked at other kickstarter projects to do with technology. This helped me a lot in deciding on which approach i will take to this.

Reward Ideas:

Customised Voice Command – Instead of activating the buddy bot using the command “Buddy Bot” They will have their buddy bot customised to be activated by a different phrase of their choice

Pattern Pack 1 – Receive the Malebot and Fembot shell casings

Pattern Pack 2 – Receive the Malebot, Fembot, Camo, Shock and Sunrise shell casings

T-shirt – A T-shirt with a buddy bot printed on it

Name on The Wall Of Backers – On the website their name will be put on the backers page

Early Bot (limited amount) – Receive a buddy bot early before official release

Two Bots One Stone (limited amount) – Receive 2 buddy bots early before official release

Beta Model (5) – Recieve a beta model that was used for testing

Book of Creation – Recieve a copy of a book which contains all plans, blueprints and sketches of the creation of the buddybot

Stretch Ideas:

Wider vocabulary programmed into the buddy bots database

New retail price is £19.99

A Giveaway

I have also made draft versions of how i want these rewards and stretch goals visualised on the page:


Logo 2

Already existing logos do not have that many colours that they use, its about three at most. My class taught me that this is to cut down costs of reprinting the logo. The ones i have gathered use block colours and only one of them uses shading thought it is only in a small area.

IMAG1564 IMAG1565

My idea was to follow these conventions, but there is one more thing i would like to add which involves shapes. A circle. Circles are well received by most genders and since my product inst biased towards one then i find this choice to benefit my logo.

This is my final logo, i had experimented with other colours too before deciding to use the orange. I have also used my idea of circles in it and have used only two colours which will keep costs down for reprinting it. It is also not very detailed and can be shrunk down to smaller sizes.

ac3d23aa8347e3602b7ecfff1e4a7485 KickLogo

My visual style for the kickstarter is starting to show through, using orange white and grey as the main colours and keeping a relatively technological theme, as i have said earlier orange is a very inviting and warm colour which will make the audience more welcome and the use of circles is also a plus.


Started with a few draft images and ideas of how i wanted to design the logo


I chose a design and began working with it, through filtering i have found a logo i am happy to create to represent my kickstarter campaign. The way i filtered was by taking the initial idea and then making variants of it and then choosing the most appealing out of the new ideas, then i repeat the process

IMAG1551This is a final draft which may change slightly in the future, Using markers i have marker where my colours will co on the logo, i do feel that black is a very strong colour and im considering changing it to a dark grey to make it less aggressive and easier on the eyes.


Research 1

Taking pictures from magazines of technology i gathered them onto one page to see what they share in common. Typically the colours that these devices have are black and or white with sometimes an addition of one other colour to add life to the palette.IMAG1554Taking these ideas onboard i have experimented with a range of colours following the conventions of colour schemes used for technology, the colour i choose will be used for branding and my kickstarter page. The ones that caught my attention were the sky blue, orange and pink colours. More so the orange as i feel it is a more warm, friendly colour which will invite newcomers to the kickstarter page



I’ve had a look at other projects that involve drones of some sort and the goals for them are around £125,000. In a realistic sense my project will need a lot more funding considering the capabilities my robot will have, such as voice recognition, the ability to map the desk into data in which they can then proceed to map out a path, proximity sensors etc.
£125,000 is a good starting point to branch out from since this is enough to fund a drones motion and detection capabilities. There is another project I have researched which it the Night Terrors Augmented Reality Survival Horror Game, a campaign created on, the project involves a augmented reality game that uses environment mapping through use of accelerometer based mapping, the same type of mapping I will use in my Buddy Bot. The pricing they ask for is around £45,000.
Voice recognition is also key to the Buddy Bot’s functions, I compared what i would need from it to the cost of a well known voice recognition software, SIRI which cost $24 million for investors to start it up. Since I will only need to develop a simpler system of voice recognition the cost should be a lot lower than a mobile agent that can understand speech, speak back, interact with other apps, understand different languages and search the internet for directions or information etc.
All together I would say my project would need a £900,000 budget based on my research.