Sound and Motion Week 8

We were given the task to create a video that portrays fear by editing a clip that was given to us.

i changed the rate of the clip to make it look like he was running and then added panting noises and the sound of footsteps running in the forest. Also some ambient sound to build tension and a scare at the end.


Sound and Motion Week 10 – 2

In this post these images are linked to youtube videos, the music played in theses video are what i think would relate to these pictures






















Sound And Motion Week 10

My Top Ten Game Themes

Not in any particular order these are my top ten as far as i can remember, ones that have left an impression on me at least

1. Kingdom Hearts – Dearly Beloved, By Taylor Davis

2 Borderlands – Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked, By Cage The Elephant

3 Portal 2 – Want You Gone, By Jonathan Coulton

4 The Legend of Zelda –  Main Theme, By Kōji Kondō

5 BattleBlock Theater – Menu Theme, By Analogik

6 Saints Row 4 – Main Theme, By Malcolm Kirby Jr

7 No More Heroes – N.M.H, By Masafumi Takada, Jun Fukuda

8 Kirby – Green green, By Jun Ishikawa

9 Sonic Unleashed – Endless Possibilities (End game mix), By Tomoya Ohtani, Hideki Kobayashi

10 Xenoblade Chronicles X – Main Theme, By Hiroyuki Sawano

Sound and Motion Week 5

The class started off with us learning about audio file types, the three types are as follows:

Uncompressed – ( Examples .wav WAVE, .aiff AIFF )

Used for Tv, Radio, DVD, CD. It is an industry standard audio file with the best quality you can get, the reason they are used on game and video is because the quality has not been tampered with through use of compression. Their quality is called high because of their sample rate and bit depth. 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bit depth is more than good enough, however professional equipment an capture sound at a 48 kHz sample rate and 24 bit depth.

Lossless – ( Example .flac FLAC )

Used by DJ’s. The quality of lossless audio files are still high and are only slightly compressed. What the compression does is rid the audio file of sections where it detects nothing playing.

Lossy – ( Examples .mp3, .ogg)

Mostly used for web. It has a reduced frequency response since the sampling is slower, mp3 audio files also cannot loop as they leave a gap of silence before it starts playing again though for single shot sound use at 192 kbits/s quality is hard to tell the different from other formats.

Movie Audio Formats

AAC advance audio coding used in mpeg quicktime mov flash flv

Free, Royalty Free Websites

Our second task in the class was to import a file and folder into adobe Premiere Pro, i had already done this in college so i reminded myself of how to do this:



Sound and Motion Week 1

Went over how the course would be taken and the this we will have to do over the coming term, I was assigned 2 tasks to complete, one being the creation of a GIF and the other a 30 second trailer based on an existing board game.

A GIF is a moving picture, a string of images played in a sequence and is usually found on website, I have made a GIF before using both Photoshop and Adobe Flash. For this task i will probably use Flash to create a looping GIF and i shouldn’t have too much trouble considering i have made one before. The other project is to make a creative representative of a board game in the form of a trailer, in the class i have already thought of some ideas and have found someone at home to help me set things up.

My Gif:

Untitled-2I wanted to make something comedic, and memes are the best source of comedic gifs on the internet. So i made a gif in the style of a meme

I am looking forward to learning new ways to use software using Premiere Pro to link sound and motion together in this class and improve on the knowledge i already have, i think i will have a lot of fun with the project.