Camera Angles

Looking at some camera angles i could use in taking shots of my pre visualization scene i recapped and learned what type of connotations they can have.

Establishing shots used in both films and games in order to give the audience or player an idea of the environment they are about to be placed in, this shot is usually a very wide or extreme wide shot. This can be further changed to an angle perpendicular to the ground, in the air but at an angle and then a birds eye view.

Of these shots i will be including the establishing shot that is perpendicular to the ground, since i will be creating a pre visualization centered around a building i do not think that a top down view of the area will give much information about the surroundings

A few more camera angles i am interested are low angle shots and long shots. The low angle shot make the subject seem more powerful or imposing on the viewer, something what will be complementary to a scene with a sinister atmosphere


The long shot can be used to fit alot of information into one scene, i will use this at least twice for inside and outside of the building. Angling it right can create a sense of balance or symmetry  around a point or subject.





Deciding to go into my idea of a lab or facility and develop the idea further i have moved onto looking at existing games to see how they use and place objects and lighting to creat an environment and atmosphere.

Portal 1/2

In early parts of the game the game often does not have a visible source of light however the rooms are significantly bright, nearly vibrant however near towards the ends of the game alot of shadows are used to help create the atmosphere, the atmosphere itself makes the player feel more uneasy as they progress through the story and discover secret. The use of shadows is something i will look into making the best out of as it will help with the sinister and uneasy atmosphere im hoping to create with my scene.



The gameplay environment itself in this game, when going into missions etc, wont help my ideas however the facilities available to the player on the ship will help me to identify the types of things one might use when conducting research on things not yet possible in reality.


Payday 2

The third main game i will be drawing inspiration from is Payday 2, the research facility will be located in a shed or small warehouse and payday has plenty of these and can show me how the lighting works in a building as such.


Other games i will be considering looking at are Kerbal space program, Penumbra, Omikron and Half-life

Emphasis Essay

Emphasis is used in artwork to bring more attention to a certain area or object within the artwork that would normally be overlooked. There are a few different ways in using and creating emphasis in artwork, the first being using contrast.
Contrast is split into five methods, value, saturation, hue, pattern/texture and size. Firstly hue, brighter hues are more likely to attract the viewer’s attention than dull hues. The hue of an object can be changed to make it stand out from its surroundings, it will even more so if the surrounds are black or white as our eyes pick up colours other than those more easily.
Value makes it easier for a artist to emphasis their ideas of a piece of artwork, using the darker values for more morbid subjects and lighter for hope and positivism. Black and white contrast alot so it is easy to use these values for these themes. Saturation works with hues, making them more intense and/or brighter, placing saturated colours next to desaturated ones will show a definite contrast and emphasise life inside an artwork if use correctly.
Besides hue, saturation and value there are other methods of creating contrast in artwork. These other methods do the same job in attracting as much attention as possible to an area of the artwork, making it stand out. Completely desaturated colours will give you a value.
Subjects within an artwork can have a certain texture or pattern to them. When two different pattern or textures are close together our eyes pick up the different between the two. Usually the smaller subject that does not follow the pattern is noticed more than what it is contrasting against.
Proportions within an artwork can create contrast too, this is one of the easiest ways use emphasis within artwork. A person who is 5ft is more likely to stand out if they have 7ft people near them and vice versa, contrast with size uses elements around the object to emphasise its presence. The object that draws attention can be sized differently in either width, length or both. As long as objects surrounding it are contrasting, it will be emphasised.
The other elements that can create emphasis are related to how things are arranged in the composition. The first element is centering, our eyes are drawn to the center of an image first, having a object there can make it the focal point of the artwork. Another method of drawing the viewers gaze to an object is isolation, the object is placed in an area on the artwork that is away from any other distracting elements of the artwork, this would be a good method to emphasize paranoia.
The last method to emphasis i will talk about are leading elements, using the surrounding objects again( such as branches, bars etc), they are used to point towards the focal point. As well as creating a focal point, leading elements can erase it if they have “arrows” pointing from it
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Visual Literacy Week 7 – Code

Word – CodeIMAG1640

I did the same process again where i asked what the word code meant to them, my first response was binary. I took that and i created the word binary out of binary code, the binary code i used actually creates the word binary onto the computer


This is similar to the last but has a different concept behind it, that all data is made out of numbers on the computer. I used a large multitude of numbers in this to reflect how many are on the computer


This is using code to create something completely different, like in games when you see a spaceship theres alot of coding and scripting that goes into it to create what it is and make it move. In this idea i used the numbers themselves to create a structure


This is to do with acronyms and how code can be used to make change the way people see things and gain information from them if any at all


Passwords – encryption of some sort thats aims to keep information safe , for which i drew a phone with a common lock screen found on android devices to show that not all code is to do with numbers but patterns too


In the military or for spies they create secret messages to give to them that require a special in in order to read the message it has, code being used too keep secrecy that can also protect people or even a country from harm showing the importance of code

Visual Literacy Week 5 – Movement

Word – Movement


In animation you have a string of pictures that are strung together and shown own after another to create the illusion of movement. What i did here was merge what each picture would be into one composition. It is still but you can still see the journey

Modes of transport is another idea that sprouted off from movement, creating silhouettes of these modes of transportation. I didn’t want to add a background at all and i used no shading because i want the attention to be focused on the transportation methods


Objects in motion can create movement around them, this drawing shows a bullet going at high speed, so fast wind flows around the bullet


This is an robotic creature that leans towards the style of steampunk, i wanted to show a cross between mechanical objects that move and as well as animals. Showing both as one to be living, breathing.


The last is to do with political movements: the labour party, liberal democrats and conservative. I based the sizes and numbers in the composition on how many votes they received, with conservative gaining the most thus the large tree. Labour second so i painted a few roses, and liberal democrats last of the three.


This watercolour idea shows flow in movement and how one motion can seamlessly merge into another to create a larger motion, which is shown through the streams getting split up into separate streams but then flowing into each other afterwards


Visual Literacy Week 6 – Propaganda

Word – Propaganda


This is based on propaganda found on tv and media, most if not all propaganda is advertised through media, to show this i used the iconic “you” with the pointing finger on the tv to make it look like an advert and show how adverts are talking directly at us to persuade



The fist is from the “power to the people” poster, and i decided to make a more literal approach with it by adding electricity around it in the same style to add to its effectiveness


The idea here is based on one of the types of propaganda to make a person or group feel guilt in not doing something that everyone else is, the number two being told to join the other number in a line with the gap in the line to show that its needed


Covering up the bad things with the good. A house that has a nice exterior but behind it there are only two wooden stands holding the front up in place. Those who first see that house will like it however when they get into it they will know its not what it seems


Campaigns that make it personal to you to create favour for themselves, using well known images or logos is a good way of doing this. In this poster it is showing the Google and facebook logo peeking at “you” which is the direct part about it


Propaganda that share your point of view and tells you that it is always right and everyone else is looking at it the wrong way

Visual Literacy Week 4 – Fresh

We did our class at home for this week due to our teacher being ill. From tutorial videos i refreshed my skills in using Photoshop, however there wasn’t anything new that i learned which i was a little disappointed in. I have already explored Photoshop in depth before starting this course.

Word – FreshIMAG1624.jpg

Refreshment, a word which branches off from fresh in my mind. I used pencil to draw a running tap pouring a glass of water since water has to be one of the most refreshing things you can drink


Fruits are full of juice and sweetness, and fresh vegetables and fruit are another thing that come to mind when i think of the word. I used watercolours instead of pencil this time to show the life in the apple.


Fresh can also be seen as making a new start which i represented by drawing a pile of blank sheets of paper that are awaiting ideas to fill them.


In terms of scents and smells the think to express freshness would be a flower, something most people would use to represent a fresh scent. I chose to draw this in pencil for a reason so you can see the light hitting the petals more easily and making the flower appear more young and new without signs of dying


Meat was something that i found interesting to do with this topic, take for example a newborn lamb, it would be considered fresh since it is a newborn however it loses that as it matures. Once the lamb is prepared to be eaten and the meat taken away and separated, the lamb is then considered to be fresh again.happle.png

People consider staying fit and healthy to be keeping themselves fresh apart from hygiene and cleanliness, digitally painting an fruit in the shape of a heart was the best way i could portray this and that eating healthily has a direct effect on their mindset to keep fresh

Visual Literacy Week 3 – Line

This week we did some observational drawing using easels, i had not used an easel before but it was fairly easy to set up and i found a position i was comfortable with. I did find it a tiny bit tiring standing up for that amount of time since i’m not quite used to it yet, and it required a lot more upper body movement than i had anticipated. I had only worked on smaller scales around A4 size but it wasn’t much harder to work on a bigger scale. The object we all drew was a box with cloths and towels over it. However i did not finish, time went by quickly for me.


Word – Line


I drew this based on the phrase “reading between the lines” and created something literal out of it


In this a line shows a clear separation point on this planet but at the same time its joining it together, i got this idea from looking at a tennis ball and how the ridges make it look like the ball is in sections even though the line is what makes those two sections a ball


Lines make up most of everything on earth and i tried to show this through a few objects found in a house, making lineart like this shows the form of these objects in a raw form and that these lines help us to identify what they are


another thing i think about with lines is balance and how a straight line can easily maintain its height no matter how much the width is stretched outwards and vice versa, and it will always have a central point


this sketch is to show a line between reality and fantasy, one side being a normal horse and then on the other wings start to appear on it


Lines can also show age, for example in tree trunks or wrinkles on someones face can give someone an idea of how old each of the two are

Visual Literacy Week 2 – Culture

IMAG1531I visited the Mc Manus art gallery for class, it was good to look around at the art and objects on display but for me galleries are not that exciting and i haven’t drawn any inspiration from them as of yet. I think it is because i learn more by seeing how the artwork is produced rather than seeing the full picture of the final product. Also standing and sketching is hard for me if the subject doesn’t entice me enough, but it will be something i will have to get used to.

Word – Culture


I created this with the idea of the melting pot in mind, the idea behind the melting pot is loads of different cultures coming together into one country and i have represented this using colours


These are sketches i made of the exhibits from the gallery, both of which are from Scottish history showing some of its culture


One their flag in place of the stars i drew things that symbolize a few elements of culture America has, them being baseball, American football and apple pie. I put them on the flag because Americans show a lot of love for their country


I did alot of aboriginal art when i was really young but it was only until recently i discovered it originated from Australia, which gave me the idea to use the art to recreate part of Australia flag


This idea is a photo manipulation i created using photoshop, it is to represent the many different cultures that form together to make the world that we live in now


Art styles can be a part of culture too, this is an eye i created using photoshop the borders between a real eye and anime which is an art style originating in the east, it being more of the latter