Digital Concept Visualization Week 1

In class we basically talked about what was expected of us by the end of the course and filled out a form to help give an idea of how comfortable we are with our drawing skills.

In the practical we practiced drawing from the elbow, hanging up sheets of paper on the wall and then drawing circles, lines, cubes etc. I wasn’t great at it but i wasn’t bad either, though i can say if it helped me since my tablet doesn’t really have enough space for elbow room.

Cant say i didn’t enjoy the class though.



Beginning this class I’ve decided to experiment with a new art style, i drew a few quick images with no line work or real planning just to get a feel for the way i would like to draw




Dynamic Communications S2 Week 9

I learned useful things in this lesson, not useful to my project but it will definitely help me in the future. The task in general was to animate a character and have it preform different actions based on which button you press.

The character itself was split into 14 parts to make it more flexible to animate with, once the keyframes were flagged and name then i could assign my different animations to keys:

Left and right – Move left or right

Up – Head inflates then eventually pops

Down – The splits

Space – Jump

It was a hard task to get into at the very beginning but by the end of it i was adding more commands than the task asked for, so id say i adapted well.

-Weeks 6-9 will have no pictures due to an issue with my flash drive becoming corrupt and losing my pictures and flash files in the process-

Dynamic Communications S2 Week 8

This week was about adding sound, the first part was easy to pick up. Importing sound is barely that different from importing an image, which we went over a couple of weeks ago.

Having audio play through use of the script is new to me though and it is something that i hope to put to use in my interpretation if i have time, this part of using the script i understood well and how instance and references worked together

-Weeks 6-9 will have no pictures due to an issue with my flash drive becoming corrupt and losing my pictures and flash files in the process-

Dynamic Communications S2 Week 6

This week was split into 3 parts, adding parallax again, adding a scroll bar and then adding collectable objects

The first thing i tackled was adding in more parallax into the flash file from the previous week, i found this easier as i already have a feel for it. I was to create a midground that exists between the starry background and the rocket in the foreground. I had a bit of trouble trying to get the script to work however, troubleshooting and looking at the rest of the code helped me to figure it out.

I can remember the steps to create a scroll bar however the task of adding collectable objects i’ll have trouble remembering as of now because im not used to scripting. I was able to follow the instructions to get the collectable items to work but i still had trouble figuring out exactly what i was doing.


-Weeks 6-9 will have no pictures due to an issue with my flash drive becoming corrupt and losing my pictures and flash files in the process-

Progression 3


Added wires both inside and out of the building, i did not use curves for this since it created more trouble for me. I instead extruded a cylinder many times for each wire


Added more onto the car, adding wheels, lights and windows


Last was adding grass around the house and extending the fence around it. A also used some sculpting tools on the ground

Progression 2


Learned how to UV map early and apply textures as well as materials


Proceeded to add more into the room


Added even more assets both big and small


Used curves to make flasks and test tubes, adding a glass material to them afterwards


Visual Literacy Week 9 + Feedback


Today was about learning the possibilities in maya that can be created using curves, i created a thin object almost like a plane that has been bent in various places. I’d imagine this would be very useful in making walls that involve curves. Such as in mazes.


The object has points that hover around it that allow for the shape to be changed into a more softer and flexible look, this would be good for making cloths and clothes though i do not thing i will have either in my pre vis scene.


The curves can also wrap around a mesh and create object such as vases, glasses, bottles etc It wasnt that difficult creating them however the positioning of the curve is the hardest part and trying to visualize ahead of time how the object will look before revolving it. I know i will be using this to create test tubes and beakers to place on tables


This feedback is on my pre visualization scene, i asked a range of people both in person and online to give me their opinion on my scene. By streaming a viewing of my environment online or just showing them. Most of them think that i did a good job with applying the shadows and textures and that the lighting was believable. Everyone however criticized the lack of grass outside and felt it brought down the rest of the scene. To respond to this i will look into how other games add grass into their scenes and do the same for mine.